Dashing through the streets

In First Gear

When can we truly ‘fly over’? I hate the word flyover. After crawling for half an hour to cross a few yards near the Yestwantpur junction – where a ‘flyover’ construction is underway – the »

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Campus Diem

I swear

"The problem", remarked a friend wistfully as we stood up amidst stifled murmurs and blasé one-liners, "is that they think we’re really stupid and we think just the same about them." I looked at her »

Deepa's Jottings

“Tower pots” lie as waste

Last week, some "columns" made of plastic (of terracotta look, complete with fake "burnt" patches, with rectangular frames on top for advertisements, suddenly made their appearance on M G Road. All the newspapers picked up »

Deepa's Jottings

On sale….

The BBMP is intent, it appears, on cutting down pavements wherever it can widen the roads for the ever-increasing motorized vehicle traffic of this city…but our pavements are areas where a lot of vibrant life »

Deepa's Jottings

Tips Pleas!

Using a car on Bangalore roads? Then,when you fill up petrol (at the petrol pumps in the city, you are generally given the "perk" of "Free Air"…that is, the car tyre pressure is checked and »