When will we see pavements like this in our city?

A few months back, the road leading to our area was given a makeover. Once pot-holed with moon craters, it is now a smooth ride. But without any pavements, the pedestrians, cars, dogs, dump trucks, buses etc all share the shiny road.

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There has been a lot of complaints & rants in Citizen Matters, on the usage of pavements as extended shops and garages. But all that does not answer my question – When will all roads in our city get pavements? Good pavements that are user friendly – no teetering granite slabs, no overgrown trees without concrete borders that create bumpy paths, where old people with arthritis can walk easily – like the one shown in this photo.

 A side street in Chester


The street shown is one of the side streets in a town called Chester in UK. Its a small town with an old roman history – certainly not a huge metropolis like Bangalore. What does it take to get smooth pavements like this in all the streets of Bangalore?

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