Why do you like Bangalore?

I read this blog by pure chance while weaving through the thick maze of the internet. It set me thinking in the same lines about our city. Sure, Bangalore has its share of problems – traffic, bad roads, water and power shortage – to name a few. "But it’s still my city", says an irrational inner voice.

What is it about Bangalore anyway? I can hear a thousand voices shout "weather". I have my doubts on that. Well, Bangaloreans, what makes you like this city? I’m very curious to read your answers

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Poornima is an avid blogger with keen interest in urban wildlife.She is also a freelance communication consultant with special interest in organisations that work towards a social cause.


  1. I like bangalore for what it is.I am nt a banglorean..bt i jus lov this plac.hav lot of good memories associated with this beautiful place.and no one indulges in others personal matters.al r free..and it really matters to me coz am from a small village wer evryone seems to b very nosy..the city everytime i get into it makes me fall in lov with it mor n mor..NAMMA bengaluru..I lov u so mch..:)

  2. Decidely partial outlook —but experience reveals the truth. I live overseas and maintain — there is no city to match Bangalore outside India as well…NY? Nope—- California – over-exploitative values——Europe—-cold attitude, expensive——Bangalore’s da best.


  3. I am not a ‘Bangalorean’ by birth. I moved to this beautiful city about 18 months back. And I absolutely love this place.

    I hate the activists though. 🙂

  4. Activism is good. Its good as long as its not violent. I for one always have a hearty laugh every time our grand old Kannada activist Mr. Vatal Nagaraj comes out with his innovative ways of protesting!! That’s one thing unique in here. There cannot be another VN! :). But I have to admit that I loathe the bunch of jokers who stand for Kannada and they can’t even differentiate between the ‘ha’ and ‘aa’ notes in Kannada

  5. Very true Raksha. Bangalore is a potpourri of cultures with friendly tolerance. I just hope it wont go the Mumbai way with our Kannada activists.

  6. “Bangalore” meanz a real lot 2 me.. I had never known that i could be so emotionally attached to my home-town until I started living in an another city.. Bangalore is a true metro-politan.. I love the people here.. They are the best.. They are very open-minded, friendly, tolerant.. They welcome all religion, faith and give an environment where people from across the world live without any hitch.. They dont crib for thingz.. And the patriotism that i see iz juz so gud.. i feel proud 2 b a BANGALOREAN.. they are d real talentz.. Gud at learnin any languages.. Oh i cn go on n on about my place.. rather “OUR PLACE”

  7. Thats true Prasanna. I too feel the many Bangloreans can make good Interpreters – they have a knack of picking up languages.

  8. It US. The Bangaloreans. I’m proud to say we are one of the few people who speak to people in their language – in the literal sense. I know there are lot of activists out there who have an issue with this. But I am a Kannadiga and I feel proud about this particular ‘feature’ of our city – if you can call it so!

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