Loud thinking


After mindlessly surfing the networking world, I finally thought I’ll write something. What then shall I write about? The current hot topics are Women’s Reservation Bill & IPL.

Forget IPL, everyone wants to write about it – whether it concerns cricket or not. The women’s reservation bill – well, I don’t like reservation of any kind. But that’s another story altogether.

So what do I want to write about? Well, there’s the BBMP election. An election that has been postponed so much that I’m not too sure it’ll happen until the D-day.

The ward I live in has a SC, W category. I have no idea, even now, which candidate is representing my ward. I do hope to know before 28th.

That set me thinking. A person who’s answerable to our immediate needs – food, water, sanitation, footpaths, good roads, lighting – has not existed for the last three years – is about to be elected and I don’t know the candidates yet. But I know exactly the team members of Chennai or the Kolkatta IPL teams, playing today, well in advance.

Unfair comparison? Maybe, but it’s just a thought that hit me.

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