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  1. The same can be said of the Bellandur lake. I was taking a long cycle ride via the Bellandur lake road, and saw that the lake is completely covered in weeds.Also the strong smell leaves no doubt about the health of the lake. The only water I could see was at the ends of the lake,and it was pitch black. This lake if developed can be a lung space for the city.

  2. The Environment Support Group has thrown some light on this question.
    These were the arguments in the hearing in the PIL filed by ESG at the High Court.
    Oberoi Group – the stand of Petitioners in not allowing any development was the reason for this state of affairs.
    ESG – submitted detailed notes and papers on how lakes can be maintained at low cost, and have even offered its services pro bono, which unfortunately has not been solicited by LDA.
    Result – Final Hearings on the case would commence on 10 August 2009 for final disposal of the matter.

    The petition can be downloaded at http://www.esgindia.org/campaigns/lakes/docs/PIL_ESGvsLDA_BloreLakes_Jan08.pdf

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