Join us on March 16th at 10 am in Central Bengaluru to demand #TenderRadduMaadi of #ElevatedCorridor

Citizens For Bengaluru

“Two years ago”, all of us came together to oppose the steel flyover that threatened to ruin our city. Your support in the form of physical presence at human chain and resolutions passed in your organization played a critical role in successfully stopping that. Now we have a much bigger battle ahead of us as the 100kms elevated corridor looms upon us. The old steel flyover is also part of it in the concrete avatar! We need to come together once again and we request your help.

As you might know, we were expecting a notice for public consultation ever since our Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka said “please do not protest! Vidhana Soudha’s doors are wide open for you! Come and talk to me any time”

We said “thank you! But when?”

We didn’t just say it like that. We sent nearly 6000 postcards asking for time and place to talk about elevated Corridor with a humble appeal, #JanaraMaatuKeli”; but they issued a different kind of notice, an invitation for bids (for Elevated Corridor Phase I) instead of a notice for public consultation!

Since people also reserve the constitutional right to demonstrate their opposition to any project in a democratic peaceful manner, especially when the government blatantly violates the law of land – the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act mandates public consultation for such large infrastructure projects – and when the government does not consider alternatives (proposed by real experts) and insists on throwing thousands of crores of public money on a failed model of “development” – and when the government seems to be in love with concrete projects instead of long term sustainable solutions and doesn’t even attempt to create a long term plan.

We will be demanding cancellation of tender – #TenderRadduMaadi and will be voicing our opposition to #ElevatedCorridor – #SayNoToElevatedCorridor.

Request your RWA/Organization to “pass a resolution (a letter of support) against the tender issued for Elevated Corridor” project and join us with your community on 16th March at 10 am at Gandhi Statue, Maurya Circle, Race Course Road/Seshadri Road, Opposite the TCS office.

Why we must oppose the proposed elevated corridor? Here’s the Bengaluru Traffic Story – reasons and solutions explained

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