#BekuBedaSathe: What next?


We saw a jostling, zealous crowd #ForTheSakeofBengaluru on Oct 15th, Sunday at Freedom Park. A numerous and highly diverse people cast their demands on the Beku Beda wall, and ballot boxes and brought demands as lists from schools, colleges, RWA, civic and social organizations.

These demands must shape Bengaluru. The city must become “of the people”, not of political whim!

Accordingly, we will have a #BekuBedaSanthe demand consolidation event on the very special Rajyotsava day. Volunteers are invited on Wednesday Nov 1st to Loyola Hall, St Joseph’s College, Langford Road from 3 PM-5 PM.

The idea is to determine what Beku and Beda demands have surfaced. The goal is to consolidate the set of Beku and Beda demands from citizens, not count or prioritize.

So the boxes with the actual written demands (like potholes Beda and footpaths Beku from citizens) will be brought into the room. As will the notepads where demands were recorded. As will the sets of demands from various co-hosts who brought it as printed sheets – some didn’t drop it in the boxes.

Various demands have been submitted also via our website and lists were brought in by speakers.

We will start out putting up the list of categories or themes that we had on the wall – roads, traffic, water etc. on the board for all to see.

Volunteers will divide the lists and chits and examine each such demand. If it is not yet recorded on the board – they will add it under the right theme/category. If that demand already noted down, there is nothing to do, the repeats can be ignored.

At the end, we will have a full list of unique demands on the board.

The compete consolidated set of demands will be uploaded on the Beku Beda Santhe website for everyone to see.

Subsequently, a smaller group will arrive at a set of generic demands that captures the point issues in a pithy and easy to communicate manner. That one pager and the pointer to the full list of demands on the website will be circulated to our cohosts, especially those that missed the Rajyotsava meeting for any final comments.

The one pager will then be formally handed over to political parties and media with due drama (more on this drama later.)

We could not plan this sooner due to the untimely and grave accident of our dear volunteer, Vijay Kundaji.

Please come in even if you could not make it to the Santhe. Co-hosts are invited to join with volunteers from your organizations for the #BekuBedaSanthe Bengaluru demands consolidation effort.

All are welcome!

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