Mediterranean cuisine for your soul

A cuisine inspired by countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea – Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and many more. And since a sea surrounds them, seafood is a huge part of the cuisine. Apart from that, fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on rice, grains, beans and pastas is the main feature. The most prominent mode of cooking is grilling or broiling with generous use of olive oil.

Ruh, set up with an ambience inspired from these nations surrounding the sea with sand and pebbles for floor. The place is decorated with long curtains, red and golden lanterns, ornamental mirrors on the wall and even swing seatings. The menu displays a wide range of choices of both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Assorted spring Vegetables on grill. Pic: Anisha Nair

Kalam polo shirazi or persian herbed rice, cabbage strips and chicken served with grilled lamb kaftas (koftas) is the most popular main course for non vegetarians. Ruh is also known for the Seafood Tagine or assorted seafood served with saffron potatoes and couscous. For live grills, they have some wonderful char-grilled Calamari or squid.

Veg lovers will have a delightful time exploring the combinations of spring vegetables, cheese that is often grilled. Grilled assorted spring vegetables is accompanied by garlic bread, Pita bread and your choice of dip.

Assorted spring Vegetables on grill. Pic: Anisha Nair

Greek Moussaka, an oven baked dish with sliced potatoes, aubergine, zucchini and feta cheese is ordered the most from the  vegetarian options.

Once you are done with the food, the waiter will insist on you having dessert. Though they have grand choices for desserts, Cigar Baklava, which comes in the shape of a cigar, with Vanilla ice-cream or stuffed pastries with walnuts topped with Vanilla ice-cream tops the list.

They have several combinations of cocktails, mocktails and liquor to accompany your meals.

The tempting food comes with slightly high price tag – cost for two is 1400 Rs. excluding alcohol.

Address: 4th Floor, Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Near Bangalore Central, Bellandur Junction. Ph: 9845175777, 9972305871, 9886541682, 42022727, 42024747

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