Scrumptious snacks during the special month of Ramzan

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Samosas and puffs are the favorites during Ramzan. Pic Uma Swamy

During the month of Ramzan, the eateries around many mosques in Bangalore are busy selling savouries specially made for this occasion. The 30th Main at Tilak Nagar and neighbouring streets is one such area that people throng from 3.30 p.m. onwards.

A stall at Tilak Nagar,near Swagath Garuda Mall in Jayanagar selling savouries during Ramzan. Pic: Uma Swamy

The usual favourites are different types of non-vegetarian samosas, puffs and puddings. Sold mostly on the basis of weight, the savouries have a loyal customer base, as many purchase them all through the month.

During Ramzan, muslims eat before sun rise after which many fast till sun set, without having water or a morsel of food.

Umar Shariff, President of Discover Islam Education Trust, says, the period of fasting symbolises the spirit of self-control, self-discipline, absitence from wrong speech or action and charity, that marks the practice for the rest of the year. Another special feature of Ramzan is the night prayers.

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