Modas – chairs for all seasons

Ever wondered about the moda makers (traditional cane stools with woven jute rope seats) that you may have seen every now and then on empty plots or under the shade of a large tree?

Modas sold on pavements. Pic: Uma Swamy

Most of them have come from Rajasthan bringing the material for making moodas with them. They return to their village after they sell off the modas and chairs made by them. The modas and the high backed chairs are made out of the hay (phus), sticks (moojh) and rope of the Seta tree.

A small moda, sold for about Rs. 100/- can take upto three hours to make. Sales can vary from a no ‘bonee’ day (no sales day) to a bumper sale. Most moda makers claim to belong to families making moda and chairs since generations. They are traditional craftsmen whose modas used to grace the verandah and courtyards, especially in villages.

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Uma Swamy is a JP Nagar resident and columnist.

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  1. Very nice to see this useful item of furniture being given the limelight! Thank you, Uma.

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