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I came aross a couple of interesting places for hanging out and recreation – active canvas and Doodleden. I have happily added these to my list of interesting places in Bangalore. Both are similar in theme but one targets adults and the other is more suitable for children. However, both can be entertaining spots for the entire family. All this reminded me a great deal about Ranga Shankara.

Activecanvas is all about art, as the founders say – your very own space to unwind, explore, express, create, share and enjoy. It’s a hub to get-together for like minded individuals interested in pursuing or keeping in touch with art forms, may it be as continuation of past hobby, or developing new interests, or spending spare time in exploring something productive.

Activecanvas conducts courses, organizes and manages events, maintains gallery and provides numerous opportunities for arts related activities. Events include childrens summer camps, music shows, plays and theatre, band performances, Ikebana shows, music shows and concerts. All these are very convenient for weekend marooning.

Tamara is a gallery space that exhibits contemporary, indigenous and traditional arts. Tamara will actively promote the work of both established and emerging artists. Doodleden also has similar concepts, more of it later in this post.

Activecanvas provides a platform for visiting and resident artists to showcase their talent and creations in this vibrant city of Bangalore. Anybody can get in touch with the team at Activecanvas to hold or organize workshops, demos, and performances to display for the city audience. Also anybody interested in art can act as volunteers and get involved during the demos, events and performances. Apart from these one can get employed or offer educational services based on different art forms, these include, novices, amateurs, and experienced professionals to act as instructors. The other side of this provides opportunities for interns and apprentices.

I came across Doodleden from this article in The Hindu. Doodleden works in coordination with Colour Factory, which organises events and summer camps for children. Children can spend time painting or colouring, playing skits, reading on stage, participate in story-tellling sessions and more. It is also a great place for adults to spend time with the entire family.

I also came across similar event couple of months ago, held at Crossword, the book shop of Residency Road, near the end of Brigade road.

Doodle Den and The Colour Factory are open between 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. and is at No. 3 Curley Street, Richmond Town. Call 4124-0090.

All those interested in arts, raise your hands, say yes to Activecanvas , Doodleden and Crossword, and get involved. It goes a long way in preserving and hailing the strong arts culture of Bangalore.

Article from Hindu:

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