Property tax payment for 2012-13

Here are details on property tax payment for 2012-13, as per BBMP’s press release:

• Financial year for 2012-13 begins on April 1st.

• As there has been no revision in taxes, tax can be paid as per last year. There is no change in self-declared tax and building depreciation.

• Property tax can be paid at all BBMP offices and Bangalore One centers on all working days. Payment hours are from 9 am to 12.30 pm, and from 3 pm to 7 pm.

• If the entire year’s property tax is paid by 30th April, you can get a rebate of 5%. If not paid by 30th May, you will have to pay an additional interest of 2% for every month of delay.

• Property tax can be paid in two installments. The first half-yearly installment can be paid without interest by 30th May and the second half-yearly installment without interest by 29th November.

• Tax can be paid by cheques/DD/pay order or by credit/debit cards in any tax collection office.

• Those who have already declared tax for 2008-2009, can use their credit/debit cards to pay tax online on BBMP website (http//

• Letters have been sent to those who have not paid tax since 2008-09, mentioning specially calculated rates. Those who receive such letters have to pay the overdue tax first and then pay 2012-13 tax at the nearest office.

• All property owners with A Khata/B Register and those who have not yet obtained a khata can also pay tax in the nearest office.

• Owners of properties in revenue layouts and apartments can pay self-declared tax in B Register in the nearest office until those sites are legalised under ‘Sakrama rule’.

• If tax amount is less than Rs 1,000, it can be paid by cash.

• Application forms for tax payment are available at all offices at the cost of Rs 5. Garbage cess should be calculated and paid along with property tax.

• Those who pay by DD/pay order for amounts above Rs 15,000 will be given acknowledgement receipt immediately. If paid by cheque, receipt will be given after cheque realisation. If cheque amount is less than Rs 15,000, acknowledgment will be given immediately.

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  1. Dear Sriyuths Ravi Prakash, Bhanu Prasad, Agnishwar, Maria, Ravi.C & M.Priyadarshini,

    Sorry for the NON-RESPONSE from our part, due to a technical error of sending auto intimation to my mail ID.

    That is why I had even on a previous occasion requested the readers to send a copy direct to my ID, for an immediate response.

    Now, can you please intimate me the present situation of your doubt / problem / issue to enable me to give you the right solution ?

  2. Can any one help me please?:

    I am looking forward to pay tax for the property which i just got from builder and i have several questions.

    1. The property was purchased on 2007 in Kempapura, marthahalli

    2. Sale deed was made in 2010, even though builder didn’t complete. (Builder asked that we need to own and complete ourself due to several issues he had with landlord )

    3. We occupied in Oct 2012 only.

    So with that i tried contacting BBMP helpcenter and they are not very helpful..They claim that tax from year 2007 should be paid and then they also say that in their records they have that the appartment is rented so have to doube the tax payment (How can their record state that..very suspicious), also they need money for filling up all the forms for 5 year tax return(Rs500).

    So my questions are:

    1. Should i really pay tax from 2007?

    2. If yes, then is there a way to calculate and pay tax myself for each year?

    3. Some forms provided by BBMP helpcenter were only in Kannada and i cant read the same, so can’t i get a english version of 2007 and 2008 forms?

    4. If i can fill all forms myself then should i attach 5 cheques seperately for each year?

    5. Is there anywhere else i can pay the tax or only BBMP helpcenter as this is 1st time?

    Thanks a lot!


  3. Dear Mr Prakash,

    I have a plot with B-Katha. I bought it in 2009. I have Tax paid receipts for 2007-2008 and 2009-2010. But i dont have the 2008-2009 tax paid receipt, when i went to pay tax for 2010 till date, i am being asked for 2008-2009 tax paid application number which i am not able to locate. The application number that i have for 2009-2010, when i try to search for details on BBMP site, it says the details can not be found. Pls suggest me how to go about paying my taxes for 2010 onwards.

    Thanks in Advance

  4. Dear Mr Prakash,

    I have purchased individual house(plot) on DEC-2011.
    This year i tried to pay property tax , but BBMP people told that receipt will come on previous owner name.
    My builder paied 3 years porperty tax ( 2008-2009,2009 – 2010 and 2010-2011) .
    Now B-Katha is on my name and would like to pay tax on my name.
    Can you please suggest me , what is the procedure for changing the name.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. I have booked one flat here but will get possession on Dec, 2013. In the mean time I want to take a loan from PF for my flat. They want the property tax receipt but we don’t have this receipt as we will register our flat on Dec,2013 only. So my question is how do I get this property tax receipt? do I have to ask for this to my builder?

  6. We had purchased a flat in 2006 and at that time paid the tax upto 2007 after which we were out of country. Now that we are back, we want to pay up the taxes, but unfortunately i do not have a paid reciept for that period as i have lost it. I want to pay up the property taxes upto date, can anyone let me knwo the process.

  7. We have purchsed the land in 1980 and Mywas paiying the tax in panchayat but after BBMP establishment my father didnt pay the tax till date can any one plaese guide me how to go about it

  8. I am planning to purchase the resale flat in Kaggadasapura.Last year present owner took this flat and he had paid tax for 2011-12 and for 2012-13, he is having only acknowledgement for 2012-13, receipt is there for 2011-12.Remaining all documents he had given correctly. Is it possible to collect the receipt again with the acknowledgement copy by paying fine. He had paid tax directly in BBMP office through demand draft from ICICI bank ( I have the copy of the same).Kindly provide me the solution.

  9. Dear Ms.Srilekha,

    Sorry for the inadvertent delay due to a technical error from our side.

    You will have the PID number in the receipt given by the previous owner. To pay the current tax, just the immediate previous receipt details are sufficient.

    If the authorities refuse, demand them to put in writing.

    Thanks for your approach.

  10. Dear Mr.Ganesh,

    When the Khatha certificate is with you, it will be mentioned in it. One cannot find out the khatha details through PID number.

    Sorry for the inadvertent delay.

  11. I have purchased a house in Sahakarnagar. The previous owner has given me only the tax paid receipt of 2011-12 as this was enough for loan purposes. i was also not aware that for property tax payment, earlier tax paid receipts are also required. The khata transfer has happened and the Revenue Inspector also told me that when I pay the property tax, the receipt will be issued in my name. How do I go about paying the tax without the previous receipts? The earlier owner has not taken the PID number also. How do I go about getting the PID number and paying the proerty tax for the 2012-13? Request your guidance in the matter.

  12. Hi All,

    How to find whether my property is Khata A or B using PID number or any other ways.

    Ganesh D

  13. Dear Mr.Harshanand,

    It is not possible to give guidelines for vague situations. Please ascertain details with your documents received while purchasing the property. One cannot be so careless in not knowing where he stands.

    Please furnish proper details for CORRECT guidance.

    Thanks for your approach.

  14. I am owning a flat in Jakkasandra and it looks like our builder has not paid the property tax for last year. And now that are individual apartments there, we need to pay taxes per flat. How do I go about doing these?
    1) Calculate and Pay what needs to be paid for last year which the builder hasn’t paid. (including penalty)
    2) Calculate and Pay tax for an individual flat
    3) Can all this be done online if I know the PID of the property?

  15. Dear Mr.Suneel Pandita,

    Without full and clear details, it is difficult to guide you. Whose name is it? Is it of the previous owner OR fictitious one? How did you get your receipt during 2008-09? Is it manual OR computerised? When did you purchase the property? when was khatha issued? What type of khatha is it?

    One thing, be understand that, we are living in INDIA and the work is of GOVERNMENT. For them to come at par in E-Governance, it takes still a long time.

    Thanks for your approach.

  16. Dear Mr. Prakash, every year i pay my property tax on time. Last two years I have been trying to pay it online, but I am not able to do so. Against the application number of 2008-09 somebody else’s name appears when I want to pay. In 2010, i submitted a request letter to correct the records along with copy of the application, payment receipt, katha copy. Last years just went and did payment. This year again tried online, it shows the same old name. Please guide me what I am supposed to do to get the records corrected. In a way the payments I am sending are not going anywhere. Please guide.

  17. Do send across the questionnaire, would be happy to share the experience.

  18. Thanks for updating us Nitin. It will help if you can send us a brief citizen article on this for the benefit of other readers. We have a brief and easy to fill questionnaire for this that I can send you. Let me know.

  19. Dear Mr Subramaniam,

    I did visit the BBMP office and enquired with ARI staff and I could see lot many like me with the request to change the name. I submitted the copy of previous owner’s khata, my khata, tax paid receipt 2008-09 along with a request to update the records. The name has been updated and I can see the same online.

  20. Nitin, the other thing you can do is this. Go directly to the Assistant Revenue Office’s for your BBMP ward. Enquiry directly with the ARO the ARI’s staff there that you want to check the ownership records for the particular address you have. I have seen people doing this in the Bommanhalli ARO’s office for HSR because of the same problem – name change had not happened.

    For the website to reflect the data correctly the BBMP local records have to be correct. These days there also more upright staff everywhere, so if you have your documents, they will tell you in 5-10 mins why the old owners name was not removed.

  21. Dear Mr.Nitin,

    Issue of regular Khathas have been stopped. What you might have obtained is ‘B’ Khatha. When it resumes (May be shortly as per court guidelines) your names will automatically get entered.

    There is also a proposal to replace khatha with Smart Cards. Yet nothing is certain.

    If you want to get the receipt in our name, you may wait till such time and pay with penalty at once. If you are interested to pay tax for the property, you may go ahead. Choice is yours.

    The TITLE document is SALE DEED and ENCUMBRANCE certificate and KHATHA is only for the revenue section to know whether proper taxes are paid for the property OR not.

    Thanks for your approach.

  22. Dear Mr Prakash,

    I am owner of a resale flat. The previous owner had paid property taxes begining 2008-09 to 2011-12 and had a valid khata as well. After sale deed registration, I did get khata trnasfer done, however when I go to BBMP site to pay the taxes, i still find previous owner’s name.

    1. Do you recommend to go ahead and make the payment online in previous owners’s name.
    2. What do I need to do to get my name updated in property tax record? Do not want to grease any more done with it.


  23. Dear Mr.R.V.R.,
    First please understand that, you are paying tax for the property and not for the person, which is being repeatedly expressed. It shows you do not go through all the comments / queries.

    Mostly the Khatha issued must be `B’ khatha, which is just temporary in nature and will be done away with shortly. The data entry at BBMP, that too at a period of tax collection can never take place for your requirement.

    If you are interested to pay tax in time, pay it now OR wait till the data is entered and pay as per extra charges applicable.

    Hope this suffices your doubt being clarified.

    18 04 12.

  24. Feedback from R.V.Ramachandran (

    On article: Step by step guide to paying property tax

    My son purchased a flat in J.P Nagar and the Khatha transfer has been done on 10th April, 2012. The BBMP web site still sshows the previous owners’ names when I tried to pay the property tax online. What is the suggestion?

  25. Estd : 2002

    ‘Padmaprabha Nilaya,’ Call : 98442 67401, 25551733.
    New # 44, Osborne Road, E-mail :
    Hermit Colony,
    BANGALORE – 560 042.

    Dear Sir / Madam,


    THIS has reference to the announcement of collection of property tax for the year 2012-13.

    It has become a “Ding-Dong” game for the BBMP to keep giving ‘Illusionary’ schedules as the rebate period upto end April and then extend it for another month, when they pretty well know the ‘STANDARD’ problems of the tax payers during this period.

    Why not they have a fixed schedule every year ? This is not like their SEAT / POSITION, which is uncertain. I request the Commissioner, under whom these guidelines are framed to make a Standard FIRM schedule that should be followed by everyone, every year.

    Thanking You Sir / Madam, in anticipation,

    Sincerely Yours,
    for ORARWA,

    Date : 29 03 12.

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