A R Khaleel re-elected as President of KSFA

The Annual Generel Meeting (AGM) of Karnataka State Football Association (KSFA) was held on 24th July. A R Khaleel was re-elected as President of the Association for another term of two years.

Before the President could be elected, Life members of KSFA elected the Governing Board members from among them. The following people were elected as Governing Board members.

1. Abdul Jabbar

2. Govindraj K

3.Jayarajan N K

4.Kantharaj(former ITI India footballer)

5.Muniraj B K(former AGes and State footballer)

6.Puttaswamy T (Ground Curator and former footballer)

7.Dr Rahmanj S A  (former Ref. Chairman)

8. Rasheed S A

9. Sadat Ali Khan( Ex-MLA )

10. Sampangiramaiah

11. Sreedhar S R

12. Suryanarana K (Ex-counciler)

The newly elected Governing Board then re-elcted the following members who would oversee the activities of the Association for a term of two years.

A.R. Khaleel – President

Sadat Alik Khan – Vice-President

M MohanRaj -Vice-President

Govindaraj K – Vice-President

P Nagaraj – Vice President- Mysore

E Krishna Narayana – Honorary General Secretary

Amjad Khan – Honorary Deputy General Secretary

S Krishnaji Rao -Deputy General Secretary

S A Basheer – Honorary Deputy Secretary.

Nagendran A D

Samuel Appaji – Patrons- IAS(Retd.)

Roshan Baig (MLA) – Patrons

N A Haris (MLA) – Patrons

During the same AGM, several amendments to the KSFA Constitution were made. Club membership to the Association will now be called as ‘Associate membership’. The new Associate Member will not have any voting power or eligibility to stand for elections but will be allowed to attend Special and Annual General Meetings. The admission fee has been increased as follows

Private Associate Clubs – Rs 1500 (up from Rs 1000)

Institutional Associate Clubs – Rs 30,000 (up from Rs 20,000)

KSFA has now made it mandatory for member clubs to participate in League Tournaments and participate in every league engagement for the year, failing which the club will be barred from attending and District Football Association or KSFA meetings. Such clubs may also have their memberships revoked. At present action will be taken against a club only if it does not participate in two successive league tournaments.

A previous proposal to bestow the title of Honorary President on a person who has served as the President of KSFA for four terms has also been accepted and passed. 

This information was provided by KSFA.

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