Inconsiderateness internalised

Why is it that many of us lack manners and consideration. Is it the way we were brought up or we display our pushiness in minor things when most other things are beyond our control. Is the nature of Bangaloreans changing?
Usha Vaidyanathan writes about a fusion performance by Dr L Subramaniam, Ambi Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ernie Watts and Corky Siegel at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, earlier this year, disturbed by some obnoxious members of the audience. Should not the organizers escort such people out? Who will bell the cat?

The doors were closed at 7:05 and the invocation began. Just as it was ending, there were loud knocks on the doors and we could hear people shouting to be let in. Apparently they had passes and so they demanded entry as a right. They barged in and decided to block all the walkways making it uncomfortable for the performers and those seated particularly at the ends of rows.

Some of them spoke loudly on their phones while trying to locate their friends who were already in the hall. And despite repeated requests from the organizers NOT TO, some people started taking pictures on their phones and cameras and some were even recording the performance using their phones. It was impossible to relax and enjoy the lovely performances with such irritants all around.

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  1. Some problems re never out of date and remain topical. I feel that it is alright to ‘ republish’ it.

  2. It is good to highlight such obnoxious behaviors from Bangaloreans in a daily about Bangaloreans. I guess, it could be an Indian thing to defy conventional manners and etiquette. Even in the famous Carnegie Hall in New York when an occasional classical Indian music concert is held, these loudmouths show up late, taking pictures with their cheap cellphone cameras, bringing in drinks and food – all against rules and repeated reminders from the authorities. Maybe it’s a sign of showing off new found wealth or just plain uncivilized attitudes. Please bring to light more of these uncultured episodes so that someone somewhere will learn a corrective lesson.

  3. Yes we could. But the thing is most people don’t have time to go check out all bloggers in town. A summary or pointers to some interesting posts will be useful.
    It will eventually become a quick link for a “best of” blog feed for our city.

  4. Hi Meera, somehow seemed redundant that is all. We should probably instead link to popular Bangalore bloggers separately and let audience decide if they want to read it or no.

  5. Divya, the idea of this blog is to highlight some interesting posts made by Bangalore bloggers – we are not republishing in full nor is it meant to be newsy. It is meant to provoke conversation on valid topics among a broader audience. This incident could have happened anytime now. What do you think?

  6. Hi Meera

    This is a very old post. Why are we using Citizen matters now to re-cycle blog-o-sphere posts?

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