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What to do if you are mugged

In response to the mugging incidents on the Outer ring road, the police have sent this information to the Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA). Excerpts from the mail. With reference to recent mugging incidents

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Tree planting continues at the lakes.

Note from Ramesh Sivaram:Yesterday, some of the long time residents of Sarjapur Road, Lakshmish and Rajgopal of Swami Vivekanada Sevaabivruddi Samaste, a local NGO based in Kaikondrahalli, and Rajeev Manikoth, another long time resident from

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Update on Harlur Road park

Finally there has been work happening on Harlur Park in the past few weeks. The contractor has built walls on two sides for the would-be-park. Levelling of one portion has been done, and a borewell