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It takes a child…

…to question why she needs permission to answer nature …to wonder aloud why ‘adults’ often discuss kids’ issues without consulting them …to inform ‘leaders’ that their needs are critical too …to remind elders that they


We want to play too!

Early last week, I heard of the consultation¬†with children and other stakeholders to frame guidelines on play spaces in Bangalore’s parks that BBMP had approached Kilikili to help develop. I was glad that this event


Defending Human Rights

Bhopal. Manipur. Karnataka. Chattisgarh. Orissa. Tamil Nadu. Ayodhya. West Bengal. Maharshtra… Gas leak victims, women, sex workers, adivasis, domestic workers, children, dalits, differently abled… Survivors. Marginalized. Minorities. Excluded. Students, social activists, writers, film makers, folk

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At the 5th RTI Clinic

Having missed the Right to Information (RTI) clinic in September, I was determined to participate in this edition. Despite the minimal participation, Bangalore’s famous and seasoned RTI activists (and retired government employees) like Veeresh Bellur


Women Unlimited!

Noticed a group of energetic, charming ladies with warm smiles and welcoming voices convening in East End Circle (Jayanagar, 9th block) on Saturday afternoons? If yes, they may be the empowered women from Stree Jagruti

Volunteer Diary

From Akka to Miss!

Coming from a family of academics, I assumed that teaching ability should be second nature even without formal training. And I’m apparently fine according to many children I have volunteered with although I may not