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Aftermath of the pujas

More than a month and a half have gone since the Ganesha festival, but the idols and trash at the Kalyani tank at Kaikondrahali Lake still make for a sorry sight. There are also the

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Gender equality begins at home

Fifty percent of us are women. And there is a Women’s Day, yes. Yet, there are scores of stories about the struggles, achievements, journeys, and worries of women in our cities. We cannot cram all


Beware while taking a left!

  Dangerous section of Harlur Road needs quick action. Many of us who live on this road may have noticed this deep ditch by the side of Harlur Road; but it took Krishna Gurumurthy, from

A treasure of waste

Freedom from filth

No public meeting organiser ever takes in to consideration waste management. Whether it is an exhibition or a hunger strike, it is rare to see dustbins. Food stalls all around Freedom Park. Not a bin