Grow your food on your terrace!

Here I was merrily plucking tomatoes from my garden as and when i needed them in the kitchen, till S – our domestic help – told me that she had just bought it for 40 rupees a kilo in Russell Market?! FORTY?! I resolved to tend to my garden with greater care and gratitude!

‘The garden’ has always been integral to my growing years and it was only a matter of time before I started my own. So, ever since we moved to our place earlier this year, I experimented with various methods in the endeavour to make my garden as ‘organic’ as possible. It is another matter that a book I read recently about the Rodale Organic Farm (pioneers in organic farming) categorically states that growing plants in the restricted environment of a container cannot be considered truly organic. A trifle disappointing yes, but I would still like to believe that given today’s scenario where the majority of us have little choice but to live in apartments up in the air, our container gardens can most certainly approximate organic gardening.

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  1. thansk for encouraging us to do the terrace gardening I m also planing to do the same bcoz now a days vegetables bcum costly day by day and also those vegetables are pesticide free

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  3. Hi Vinita,

    Can you provide li’l more details on how you have used the bagasse.
    1. How you have used it.
    2. Is it to be used for only specfic types of vegetable plants ??


  4. thanks deepa. yes i do hope many more of us begin to discover the joys of growing our own….

  5. Vinita, this is a great example you are setting….I do hope many of us with sunlit balconies (alas, I do not possess one) will take this up and GOO…Grow Our Own! How nice, also, to be able to cock a snook at the vegetable seller who disdainfully looks into the distance as she pronounces, “When I said ten rupees, I mean, for a quarter kilo!”

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