Sparkling stainless, at a South Indian restaurant

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A kitchen counter at a small, but popular South Indian restaurant in the city. It’s so popular, the place draws more than a thousand people every day. The food is tasty, the rates are comfortable and it’s open from six thirty in the morning, till a convenient hour in the evening.

But what’s that rag doing in the picture?

That rag must have been bright yellow when it was bought. Now it’s dirty brown in colour, because of one good reason – it’s dirty. And you’d be pleased to know that it is used to wipe the plates dry after they’ve been washed or rinsed. After the plates are washed I would assume they’d be clean; after they’re wiped dry with this rag, they’d be something that needs to go under the microscope.  

The reason I’ve done this post, is to get readers to be a little more watchful and observant. The waiter who saw me taking the picture didn’t see anything wrong with the dirty rag – so where do we begin the awareness story?

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