In solidarity with their peers

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Last Saturday evening (23rd April 2011), around thirty IT/ITeS Employees gathered under the banner of IT and ITeS Employee Centre (ITEC) in front of Bangalore’s Town Hall amidst heavy and incessant rain to condole the shocking suicide of Prabhakar. The deceased was a thirty eight year old who had been working in the information technology industry for over a decade. The late Prabhakar had apparently left a note stating that he was resorting to the extreme step as he was unable to cope with the severe stress that his job was causing him.


ITEC has decided to set up an Employee Helpline Centre where IT/ITeS Employees can seek counseling and professional assistance from a group of specialists including counselors, psychiatrists, legal and other health experts. Further details are available here.

Photos courtesy: ITEC

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  1. For Heaven’s sake, please do not compare with the ways you lived and that of the present generation. Whichever career they choose, they have to face a fast life . The taste in fine arts comes from the way they had been brought up. Please do not blame them . As far as they give respect to you , you should be happy.You find happiness in them and their children. It is time the elders understand the pressures faced by the present generation.

  2. I am a retd central civil servant, both my sons are in IT industry, when I make comparison of living, except their high paid salary, they have no time for finer aspects of living like theatre, music, social functions etc. They will realise at the fag end of their career they have chosen wrong career in life, left with no rlatives or friends. Even members of family do not respect them in spite of having lived modern life.

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