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For a long time, I had been wanting to participate in the campaign against street sexual harassment (aka eve teasing) by Blank Noise. Finally, last Sunday (Aug-5) afternoon I joined the fortnightly action – this time on Church Street and Brigade Road from 3 – 5 pm. 5 of us reached out to around 150 pedestrians from different age, occupational and socio-economic backgrounds while displaying wall and hand held posters in English and Kannada. Some roadside vendors helped us enthusiastically while 4-5 male/female police personnel, taxi drivers and building security guards agreed with the prevalence of the issue and the message we were conveying. Here’s a look at what we did…


 Aarti and Abhishek paste a poster opposite the Night Watchman pub


Aarti and Abhishek paste a poster



 Ensuring Gandhiji’s support


 Enlisting Gandhiji's support



 Jasmeen and Naksha exchange views with cab drivers near Hotel Empire


Jasmeen and Naksha exchange views with cab drivers


 Cops scan the posters before they agree



Cops on Church Street  scanning the Kannada text

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