TVS concert for Nadasurabhi 2014

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Bhairavi, Amirkalyani, Rasali – One common, one not so common, one rare. These were the ragas that veteran vocalist T.V.Shankaranarayanan presented at his concert last night at the Nadasurabhi annual festival in Koramangala. Rasali is a janya raga of the 4th melakartha raga Vanaspathi and the one composition that comes to mind for raga Rasali is Tyagaraja’s Aparadhamulanorva. The concert was marked with an energetic flow of swaras, evocative rendition of songs which were mostly composed by Periasami Thooran, Tulasivanam, Tyagaraja and Purandaradasa. The Bhairavi raga alapana was followed by the highly emotive Tamil song on Lord Muruga “Pazham Nee”. The vocalist was ably supported by his son Mahadevan who presented a brisk Begada alapana followed by Tyagaraja’s Anudinamu. As I was leaving, the strains of raga Amirkalyani resonated in the packed auditorium. 


Here is a recording of TV Shankaranarayanan singing Gopalakrishnan Bharathi’s Aadum Chidambaram in raga Behag (not from this concert though)


Chitra Srikrishna
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