Folk music of India

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Folk music holds its unique place in India’s rich cultural diversity. Folk songs talk about relationships, the challenges encountered by people every day and philosophical questions about life. Let’s look at popular folk music genres from different parts of the country.


Lavani  The word derived from Lavanya meaning beautiful refers to the popular folk music which originated in Maharashtra. The dance that accompanies the music is known as Tamasha. Here is a famous lavani by Sulochana Chavan

Bhavageethe heard in Karnataka is poetry expressed in musical form. Here is a bhavageethe of the famous Kannada poet Kuvempu sung by actor Dr. Rajkumar.

Manganiar musicians are folk musicians from the Thar desert of Rajasthan. Their songs mostly praise kings and wealthy merchants under whose patronage their art has flourished over the centuries. Listen to this captivating music from the Indian desert. 

Kavadi Chindu are songs composed in praise of Lord Muruga by Annamalai Reddiar. They are sung when the kavadi is taken out by devotees of Muruga as a penance and offering to the Lord. The songs are sung in light classical ragas. Here is a popular piece rendered by Carnatic vocalist Sudha Raghunathan.

In a future blogpost we will look at some of the other folk music of India.


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