A royal melody – Darbari Kanada

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One of the simplest ways to identify and appreciate a classical raga is by listening to multiple songs in the raga by different artistes. Raga Darbari Kanada is an offshoot of the Kanada family (Carnatic). It is believed to have been imported from the Carnatic genre into the Hindustani style of music by legendary musician Tansen. The raga creates a deep emotional impact on the soul and is often taught to students at a later stage in their training.


This raga is presented in the latter half of Carnatic concerts through light classical pieces. Hindustani musicians sing this raga late in the night. Here are some renditions of the raga by different musicians.

A classic rendition of the raag and a khayal by Pandit P.V.Paluskar.

Here’s a heart-rendering presentation of the raag by Hindustani violin maestro Dr. N.Rajam.

A family favourite, here’s a beautiful song Mriganayana Rasika Mohini presented by Pandit Vasanthrao Deshpande from the Marathi play Sanshay Kallo.

Jon Higgins, the American musician who mastered the Carnatic genre presents Govardhana Giridhara, a composition of Narayana Teerth.

Here is the evocative bhajan that Gandhiji loved to listen in M.S.Subbalakshmi’s voice.


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