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Ramesh Sreekantan is a Mathematician at the Indian Statistical Institute. He takes a keen interest in cycles - both the algebraic and mechanical kind.


  1. 16th Cross has `formal’ shops. In my opinion it should be closed to traffic between 8th and 10th main as its too narrow for vehicles + people. Of course residents should be allowed.

    The problem with AnonDesi’s suggestion is that this requires the BBMP to be involved. Also – there are certain stalls like `Hot hot Chinese food’ which are quite popular, so if they are not allowed here they will open up elsewhere – or stay on 15th cross and make life worse for the residents. The purpose of this article was to suggest a place to MOVE the EXISTING carts and not add more carts.

  2. You have identified the problem correctly. I disagree with your solution though.

    I’d suggest this:
    1) If the road is closed for khau galli business, every cart owner pays BBMP Rs. 500 or Rs.1000 a night.
    2) If there are more than 5 or 6 carts willing to pay up, there has to be a transparent competitive bidding system (openly in public) that selects the winners.
    3) BBMP with the tax, can use it to clear garbage and for road maintenance
    4) Food quality/hygiene requirements set and enforceable by BBMP
    5) Those 6 slots should be up for re-bidding every year.

  3. Nice. The problem is 16th cross has already become a khau-galli of sorts thanks to Sairam Chats and the rest that have followed.

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