Train them young – Little Lake Keepers Wake the Lake!

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Report by Jesse Jonathan, United Way of Bengaluru

On February 9, a beautiful Sunday morning, more than 500 children came together at their local Uttarahalli Lake, on a mission to raise awareness on the dire state of the lakes in the city and prompt action. United Way of Bengaluru (UWBe), under its “Wake the Lake” campaign along with the Uttarahalli Magekere Walkers’ Association engaged children of various ages from different schools by conducting a painting competition based on the theme Water.

The children also participated in a lot of fun activities based on the theme. Education sessions were conducted informing the children of alarming facts and the sorry state of the city’s lakes. The students actively participated in a Quiz Competition on water bodies.

Anjani, a differently abled artist from UWBe’s partner NGO ‘Samarthanam’ created a silhouette of the Uttarahalli Lake on canvas. He guided the children on colouring the outline to finally create a grand picture of the Uttarahalli Lake. The audience present at the event coloured and signed their names onto the canvas.

At the end of the activity, 10 paintings & 5 quiz winners were awarded during a Prize Distribution ceremony.

Pics courtesy United Way
For more pics, please see the United Way facebook page here.


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