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Ashwin Mahesh has been involved in public policy for Bengaluru through his work with the Karnataka government. The views expressed here are his own. He is a member of the Lok Satta party. He is also CEO of Mapunity Information Services, and a director at Oorvani Media, publisher of Citizen Matters and India Together. He is also a visiting faculty with the Centre for Public Policy at IIM Bangalore.


  1. We are starting a campaign to make Bangalorians aware of the importance of greening.We are promoting a set of measures by which many households can create and maintain their own green patch which not only will improve the environment but also can add to energy efficiency,aesthetics and nutritional needs of the hard working Bangalorian.We will create urban garden clubs and self help groups all over the city from well to do gated societies to the slums so that there is overall awareness about urban gardens and its ease of operation and maintenance.Watch this space rtegularly for our updates and you can also communicate with me with your ideas and response to the green endeavour which has been initiated by a group of engineers,management experts,industrialists and other stake holders.EMAIL-misra_prasanta@yahoo.com

  2. Bangalore is Indias prime city-which is attracting huge interest from all over the country for sttlement,job and after retirement stay.
    It is essential that the city administration along with the citizens and corporates grt together to keep Bangalore growing and yet save it from disastrous irreversible damages to ecology and environment.Government is collectind huge revenues form Bangalore in terms of corporate and individual taxes.Therefore we must force to government to spend a good part of the money to make Bangalore a beautiful city.Year to year basis let the Bangalore Municipal Corporation show the improvements it has brought in in the living and working conditions of the citizens of Bangalore city.
    Necessarily political dtrimental divisive forces should be prevented from ruining the city,and that is only possible if apolitical NGOs and citizens bodies are alert and powerful enough to fight these forces.

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