Good time to invest in ground water recharge

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With the rains on their way in, it’s a good time to clean up our rainwater filters, sumps and recharge wells.

Lately we have received a lot of queries on how to go about with ground water recharge. Groundwater recharge can be achieved by digging recharge wells and redirecting rainwater into them.  Below are the phone numbers of some of the well diggers who can dig wells upto 40 ft deep

  1. Krishna : 99862-03022
  2. Pedanna : 97424-23145
  3. Antony: 80507-95139, 90357-10920, 9100691501
  4. Kanthappa: 99169-85003
  5. Muniyappa: 94485-70684
  6. Mohan: 99869-22193

This brochure also provides some information on the process of locating and digging the well.

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Shubha Ramachandran is a Water Sustainability Consultant at BIOME Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.