International film on Kaikondrahalli Lake

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Stockholm Resilience Centre, an international centre that advances transdisciplinary research for governance of social-ecological systems, has produced a documentary film on Kaikondrahalli Lake.

The film showcases the community involvement in rejuvenating Kaikondarahalli Lake.

The film titled ‘Kaikondarahalli Lake — The Uncommon Story of an Urban Commons’ shows how nature can thrive in cities, but securing the conditions for this to happen is a challenge in rapidly urbanizing cities. Follow the story of how a group of engaged citizens in Bangalore transforms a polluted urban lake into a co-managed, healthy ecosystem with rich biodiversity, to the benefit of all in the neighborhood.

It was an interesting experience having the international team filming the lake and the stakeholders. Though it is not easy to encapsulate the community’s struggles of the past few years in a short film, the film gives an admirable picture of the journey of Bellandur’s citizens in getting the lake to where it is today.

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A resident of Bellandur ward and film maker.

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