Upstream work messes up Kaikondrahalli lake, fishes dying

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BBMP has taken up the rejuvenation of upstream lakes in the chain of seven lakes, of which Kaikondrahalli Lake is located just before Soulkere.

A few months ago, the contractors had started to dewater the upstream lakes, which meant the sewage water present in these lakes had to be pumped out. Unfortunately diversion pipes were not in place at Kaikondarahalli lake so this polluted water was getting into our rejuvenated lake. So dewatering work was suspended to build the channels, and later the election code of conduct delayed the work further.

With dewatering work restarted, we suddenly found that the upstream lakes have been breached a few days ago. The volume of water released from those lakes have overwhelmed the diversion pipes laid by BBMP and started to enter through other inlets into Kaikondarahalli Lake.

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