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Collecting details for issuing UID number started in Bangalore

1. Collect form from the Security.
2. Fill it up and return to Security. You will get a token and you are asked to wait for your turn.
3. Once your turn comes you will allowed inside.
4. Sit next to the operator and complete the formalities in 10 minutes.

Karvy Data Management Services,
“Skanda” No 59, Putana Road,
Bangalore – 560 004.
Phone : 080 – 26621192/93

Timing – 9:30am to 4:30pm (Monday – Friday). Not sure of Saturday!

What to Carry: Age Proof & Address Proof copies – Visit to know all that accepted.

Process Time – 1hr

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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.