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  1. #3: You will learn how to make quick decisions – most often you will see 2-3 buses coming one behind the other with very similar route numbers

    Once I saw two buses which come near my place. One of them would drop me right in front of my office.. Guess which one I took, and what happened next.. this bus was a little slow and then broke down midway..

    So, quick and calculated decisions can even work against you..

  2. As someone who already travels by BMTC, I thoroughly enjoyed this article Satheesh! But I wish to add some inputs for women, as well:

    1. You can develop great agility by squirming and snaking around to avoid the Romeos whose questing fingers, like octopuses, seek, and often find, you. (1.a….learn to pinch really hard and silently.)

    2. Your memory will improve as you struggle to find your purse in the junkola in your handbag (“Ah! that’s the purse. No! That’s my spectacle case…”)

    3. You can develop your personality by glaring at the young men who occupy the “ladies'” seats and blatantly look out of the window….until they catch your eye and drag themselves out of the seat.

    4. You can develop your neck muscles as you hunt for your male friend who has had to go to the back of the bus and is lost in the chaos there (he’s also not carrying a mobile)..he has to get down, with you, at the next stop.

    5. You can develop jugglng sklls as you collect your assorted parcels and shopping when you alight from the bus.

    Thank you for a most amusing read!

  3. The traffic system in bangalore is horribly bad. Maximum signal-jumpers r the BMTCs, which can be so dangerous to the other vehicles; and bad roads, signals left without any traffic police etc.. The whole system can be organised to keep things in control. But looks like our govt has all kinds of reasons but no solutions.
    Well, I just believe every problem has a solution

  4. 2. How can a person enjoy the crowd or the unavailability/the long waits for the buses, when there are better options for him-cars,two wheelers, autos etc…If u r suggesting people to run behind a bus to exercise his body, sorry sir, there are much better ways to do that.
    3.Infact two wheeler or a car driver, should be having more of concentration and attentiveness than a person whos enjoying the boring irritating ads (actually which is more in no than music), and that need not be relaxing him(if its a fast beat song)

    Well Sir,
    Just think of a person driving in the AC car/ a two wheeler, who can enjoy his favourite songs from his mp3 player, reach office/home soon, and have time for his family, and of another person who according to u enjoys the crowd, and looking for an alternate bus thru the window(may be get down from the bus battling the crowd), struggling to breathe in heavy jams, and reaching home late.

    People, the choice is yours.
    The only reason I can think of is the SAFETY.Defintely travelling by BMTC is safe compared to others, but not in any other way.

  5. Hi Satheesh,

    Very sorry but I strongly disagree with whatever u r saying.
    Well u see there are many ways to look at things, and I think ur view on using BMTC commutation is very generous to the BMTC.
    Well the reality is that, this is not the way a common man would think. You have tried real hard to give the best possible points to encourage BMTC commutation.But I must a very bad try.Below are my views on the same:
    1.Well well, I dont know how far its possible for a person to bcom thin or grow tall, but it definitely is one of the worst possible ways to achieve the same. People with great difficulty get taller thru swimming, and even thinner for that matter. I really dont think BMTC will help in anyway, and even if it does, the increase/decrease %age wud be negligibly less. An elegant solution would be to either go gymming or to jog in the morning, which will also help an individual to organize himself and also a part of a good lifestyle.

  6. Very good one. I too have same opinion. I think we should spread this as much as possible to our friends and colleagues.

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