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Satheesh A is a member of Forward 150, the residents association of Bellandur ward.


  1. As more number of people started joining our group not only from Bellandur ward but from all over South bangalore we thought its a good idea to take our group to next level. Now we have branded our cycling group. Its named as COCO [Cycle On Cycle Onwards]. Idea of COCO was from Tender Cocunut that every rider loves 🙂 So accordingly group name also updated to CycleOnCycleOnwards@Yahoogroups.com.
    Now we have 55 members in our COCO group.

    We have also set target for ourselves to inspire and motivate atleast one person per month to take up cycling. Its going good for most of the members and some are ending up inspiring more than 3 per month 🙂

  2. Great ! whenever u r riding a cycle you are also fasting by not consuming petrol ! while others are driving and polluting the city ! cycling helps u cleanse ur inside soul in this polluting city !

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