Small roads, small jams; Big roads, big jams

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Schools have reopened this week, just yet another excuse for jams.


This jam on Harlur Road was nearly impossible to clear for a while, because vehicles in one direction clogged the road. An autorikshaw trying to turn back pushed a bike into the ditch. There was no space for the vehicles in the opposite direction coming in from Sarjapur Road to move on. A gridlock.

Sarjapur Road

Similar situation on Sarjapur Road…

Sarjapur Road

An all too common occurrence. Small roads, small jams; Bigroads, bigger jams.

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  1. Several articles have appeared in the NewsPapers and PIL cases have been filed in High Courts regarding Road Widening Issues and it is proved that Traffic flow cannot be improved by road widening. What is required is a feasibility study and better traffic management for each road instead of reckless one sided decisions to demolish properties of tax payers. Who is going to bell the BBMP cat and put some sense in their minds which is working only in one way ? Does the law permit them to take up such an atrocious project ?

  2. Well that’s true road widening is not a solution development of other states equally would be the best solution
    And atleast people working in software should use public transport.
    This would stop roadwidening and also saving of greenary .

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