What to do if you lose various documents (Senior Citizen card, Driving Licence, Debit/credit cards)

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On the 23rd of June, my purse, along with several documents, was stolen on Bus Route no. 366, between Richmond Circle and MICO Checkpost bus stops at about 1.30 pm.

I decided to make a list of the processes by which I replaced my documents.I live in south Bangalore, so my list will pertain to that. But hopefully, in other areas, the process will be similar.

For loss of debit cards, please click here.

Rating: Transparent, fairly easy.

Time taken, anywhere from instant to more than a month.

Costs: Rs.250 for instant replacement, free for replacement in the course of a month.

For loss of driving licence, please click here

Rating: Quite opaque, extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Time taken: A little more than a month.

Costs: Rs. 200 for the application, Rs. 50 for the biometrics, Rs.30 for the stamped envelope.

Budget for minimum three days’ work:

1. to locate the Police Station and get a signed form of loss of document

2. To get the signed affidavit from the Notary, and

3. To submit the forms with payment at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

For loss of Senior Citizen card, there is no replacement procedure; for applying for a Senior Citizen card, please click here.

Rating: Transparent and easy.

Costs: Free.

Deepa Mohan
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