Wedding and TV serial shoots in public places…yes or no?

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We recently had a ban on shooting of movies/videos for commercial purposes, whether for weddings or TV serials, take effect in Lalbagh.

Now, I am finding such shoots happening in all the reserve forests that skirt our city. Today I clicked this shooting of a scene in Doresanipalya Forest Research Station:


I am unable to figure out whether such shoots should be proscribed or allowed. I see such outdoor shoots happening in public parks everywhere in the world. So what are the reasons for the ban, and if the reasons are valid at Lalbagh, surely they should not be allowed in other public places too? But in that case, where would cinematographers go for their outdoor shots?

I would like to know the readers’ opinions on this.

Deepa Mohan
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Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.