Theft at Hebbal Lake in the morning

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Krishna Murthy, whose email id is writes:

This incident happened today at Hebbal lake.

We went birding today to Hebbal lake in the morning at 7 30 am.

I had parked my car just outside on the road (service road) near the lake entrance, (as the parking lot opens only by 9 30 am). I had taken my camera with me and I had left the bag in the car back seat.

We returned by 9 30 am and found that the car glass was broken and the bag taken. The bag had lot of camera accessories.  

Fellow birders and other visitors to the lake, please be careful not to leave behind your belongings in the car. Anybody who has faced the same situation at Hebbal lake and have got back their belongings please let us know. 


This is not the first time that this is happening. Birders, please lock all valuables in your car boot/trunk, do not leave anything within view of the windows. There is no accountability at all even with the attendants in the parking lot.


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