Course on plant taxonomy

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In an effort to empower hobbyist youngsters with concepts in plant taxonomy and systematics, an “Orientation Course on Plant Taxonomy” has been planned at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. The course among other topics, will cover:

1.Principles of plant Taxonomy, ecology & phyto-geography
2. Herbarium, its preparation & curation
3. Botanical Nomenclature
4. Field visits

This two-day course, conducted over the weekend is free of cost and is scheduled to be held in July. The age limit for participation in the course is 35yrs. The course will take a maximum number of 15 participants, on a first-cum first-served basis. Candidates have to make their own travel arrangements, and accommodation, too, if required.. Those Interested may please write to

Dr S Subramanya, <>

giving the following details:

Faunal & floral interests
Why you want to attend this course

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