Are such bags really totally biodegradable?

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I bought some gulab jamuns at Shanti Sagar in Jayangar 4th T Block today, and I got a bag that says this:

Truegreen ‘biodegradable’ plastic. Pic: Deepa Mohan

Are such bags truly not made of plastic, and completely biodegradable?

I googled for the website, here. The company name is Greendiamz Biotech Ltd., and they list, amongst their products…”Garbage Bags Roll, Flower Pot, Dog Poop Bag”. However, I am not able to learn what the raw material is, and how it is biodegradable. Their “manufacturing process” page is…blank! So I am still left wondering if this, or is not, a plastic bag…. and whether, or not, I should use it.

Deepa Mohan
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