Some beauties in the Central area

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As I drove past on M G Road, I realized that what we always refer to as the "Thomas Cook" building has also come down, and is just a shell awaiting demolition. So I thought of quickly taking photographs of  some  of the beautiful old buldings that still stand in this area.

Here is the "Sadhwani’s" building, with its lovely old monkey-top still intact:

sadhwani's mg road 180209

Then, of course, the Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium, dating from a time when there was no demand for vertical spaces:

cauvery mgroad 180209

On Brigade Road stands this beautiful example of Bangalore architecture:

1924 bldg brigade road 180209

And one of the queens of Cubbon Park, the Central Library building:

central library 180209

I wonder how long they will remain, especially the ones on Brigade Road, where the relentless seeking after money means heritage is on the chopping block… 

Deepa Mohan
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Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.

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