Bangalore Anonymous!

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Many of us have been complaining about the increasing "facelessness" of the new Bangalore. Neighbour does not know neighbour, and we all seem impersonal cogs in the machinery…

But I didn’t realize that even the Railways felt the same way!

Blr Anon Station 050209

The Cantonment station proclaims, "Bangalore Anon"…Anonymous, indeed, are the passengers who pour in and out through this station every day.

Or, who knows…like Al-Anon (Alchoholics Anonymous), Bangalore Anon is going to get rid of its problems and set itself right..was that the message? I wonder. ⊕

Deepa Mohan
About Deepa Mohan 725 Articles
Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.

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