Tour of Nilgiris flagged off!

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The 919 km cycling trip across the Nilgiris, the Tour Of Nilgiris event got off to a flying start early this morning.

In the mist, some of the organizers held the flag aloft:
The TfN flag

And then that flag was used to start off the trip:

flag off 251208

The cyclists set off to cheering and applause from the gathered crowd…
ready to go TfN 251208

Here’s Sukhdev, the youngest rider (he is riding under medical supervision), with his family:
sukhdev and family 251208

The message these riders are carrying is that cycling is a great way to get from A to B, no matter what the distance between A and B may be!

For more pictures click here

Let’s hope this Bangalore initiative becomes a big annual event….

Deepa Mohan
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