A Gem in the Bustle….

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Right in the middle of the rush and hustle of St Mark’s Road, I spotted it…a "gem of purest ray serene"…but not in the "unfathom’d caves of ocean", but right in the centre of this city of ours.

Surrounded by its garden, shaded by its trees, it looked an oasis of unexpected peace in the middle of the explosion of glass, chrome, steel …and traffic…that is St Mark’s Road today.

It was like suddenly having a little window opening into the gracious past…I stood for a while admiring the beauty of the building, and then walked on, knowing that I could share at least the image of this jewel with so many others who like to see the old architectural idiom of Bangalore still surviving today.

The amazing thing is that it is, very often, litigation that is saving heritage buildings. While families fight endlessly, and uselessly, in our courts, we have a lot of old buildings to admire….

Deepa Mohan
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Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.