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  1. Majority of them do an excellent job, but still there are a couple of them who has not yet bought the concept of customer service. I am a frequent traveller in one of the volvo routes and most of the conductors are so friendly with the passengers, probably bcoz of the pay for value concept of volvo bus service. One of the lady conductors who manages this route behaves very rudely to the passengers with questions like “Without change why do u travel?”, “Cannot stop at whereever people want ” etc etc. Again coming to her second comment, i am also not for buses stopping everywhere, but when there are about 10 passengers to get down at a particular point, its always good to go for exceptions or say politely that the rules doesnt allow that.

  2. They do a swell job. I used to travel by route 201 and a petite lady used to manage the entire length of the trailer bus very well. She had earned the respect of many passengers

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