Disney Bakery

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Disney Bakery in BTM Layout is one of the many immensely popular “Bun” joints…where one can get an inexpensive bun with a variety of stuffings, along with coffee or tea, for a filling and quite wholesome meal-on-the-go.

7 disney bkry 161212  btm

Here’s one of the staff, giving me a friendly wave:

9 disney bkry 161212  btm

Here are the two parts of the eatery: the beverages part:

2 disney bkry 161212  btm

and the edibles part:

3 disney bkry 161212  btm

Here’s their most popular bun…bun-butter-congress (peanuts are called congress here!), along with a lemon tea and a chai:

6 disney bkry 161212  btm

Masala sandwiches and other items are brought in by vans:

10 disney bkry 161212  btm

Rules about smoking and disposal of waste are clearly posted…

7 disney bkry 161212  btm

Instead of the old, slowly-burning coir rope, matches are provided for smokers:

4 disney bkry 161212  btm

But alas, the rules are broken more than they are observed!

8 disney bkry 161212  btm

It’s the cigarette smoke that makes such bakeries off-limits for people like me…if only we could ban smoking as well as littering and plastic trash!

Deepa Mohan
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