Unnati’s Dance and Music Fest

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The SGBS Trust has put together a series of dance and music programes, to showcase their
flagship program, Unnati. Unnati is a free vocational training program for the underprivileged youth. The USP of this program is that till date the program has provided 100%
campus placements to all its students. Over 31 batches comprising of 3000 students have been empowered till date.

This series showcases some of the veterans as well as very
promising youngsters.

All are Welcome. Entry is free

Venue: Unnati Center, #1, Ganesha Temple Road, Sadananda
Nagar, NGEF Layout, Bangalore – 560038. Phone: 080 2538

Program Schedule:




6 pm

Classical Bharathanatyam duet by

Shivani Ramakrishnan &

Shreya Ramakrishnan

7.10 pm


‘Nrithyakalamandiram’ presents ‘Bharatanjali’

A group feature by the students of

Guru B Bhanumathi




Solo Kuchipudi Dance Recital

by Ms Prateeksha Kashi

Daughter and Disciple of

Smt Vaijayanthi Kashi

7.10 pm


‘Bhavayami Raghuramam’

by Students of ‘Natya Niketan’

Guru: Smt Revathi Narasimhan

Music Concerts



6 pm

Smt Sumithra Vasudev

Master Vittal Rangan

Sri BC Manjunath



6 pm

Smt Kalavathi Avadhooth

Smt Nalina Mohan

Sri V Krishna



6 pm

Sri Raghavendra Rao

Sri CN Chandrashekar

Sri C Cheluvaraju



6 pm

Smt Ashwini Varaghur

Sri Srinidhi Mathur

Sri BS Anand

Sri R Ramesh

( Flute )



6 pm

Sri Ramakrishnan Murthy

Sri BU Ganesh Prasad

Sri KU Jayachandra Rao



8.30 am

9.45 am

Mangala Vadhyam & Pooja

Uthsava Divyanama Keerthanam by

Aradhana Group

Pancharathna Keerthanam (Ghoshti Ganam) led

by Dr K Varadarangan

11.15 am

Master Abhay Rangan

Sri Vibhudendra Simha

Sri Ashwathanarayana

12.45 pm

Maha Mangalarthi & Prasada Viniyogam

followed by Music by Vidwans, Vidushis

& others

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Utsav/

About SGBS Trust:

SGBS was formed in 1978 and incorporated as a trust in 1993
by a group of like-minded individuals who were determined
to make a difference to society, through music, education
and social activities. In order to achieve the objective, along
with Unnati, SGBS Trust rolled out the following other

Shiksha: Shiksha was initiated to provide financial support
for  needy schoolchildren. . The fee towards education is
paid directly to the school. The Shiksha program currently
supports over 360 children every year. Preference is given to
children of widows.

Unnati: is a free training and placement program for the
underprivileged youth. More than 3000 youth have benefited
and raised their families from below the poverty line. This
Music series is a fund raising event towards this program. It
costs SGBS Trust Rs. 12,000/- to train & place a youth.

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