A landmark with two names….

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One of the few surviving "circles" of Bangalore, which looks much the same way as it must have, when it was laid out, is the Ashoka Pillar in Jayanagar:

ashoka pillar 091010

It’s one of the circles to have two names;

"Mariyappa Rasthe":

mariappa critta 091010


"Ashoka Sthambha Vrittha":

ashoka sthambha vtitta 091010

Shaded by trees all around, and bounded on one side by the wall of Lalbagh, it is a gracious landmark of Bangalore…still there, but who knows for how long!

Deepa Mohan
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Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.


  1. Yes, Vaishnavi is correct. Incidentally
    T.Mariappa was an important minister in the early congress governments in the state. I had written earlier here that BBMP should have a small plate on each street saying something about the person after whom the road is named. Otherwise people might think JC Road refers to Jesus Christ and not Jayachmaraja Wodeyar, the last king of Mysore.

  2. Deepa, I don’t think the circle has two names. While the circle is referred to as Ashoka Pillar, the road is called Mariappa Road.

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