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Forward Bellandur

Time for Vigyana Habba at Soul Kere!

August 16, 2017 Shilpi Sahu 0

On Saturday, Aug 19th, 2016, over 45 teams will participate in the second edition of the Soul Kere Science Fair – Vigyana Habba. The participating students are from grades 1 »

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Deepa's Jottings

Tiranga in Green

August 15, 2017 Deepa Mohan 0

It was a beautiful sight to behold the flag fluttering amongst the peepal leaves. Dedicated to all the “peepal” of India!

Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements

In love with Bengaluru’s metro

August 9, 2017 Kennedy Wirth 0

“I ride alongside business people aggressively typing out texts, giggling school children, backpack-clad college students, women with grocery bags, men talking on the phone, young couples tightly gripping each others’ hands and teenagers with music blaring out their earphones. There is no touristy glamour. For a second I feel slightly less of an outsider.” »