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Deepa's Jottings

SAM, and PCO….

Two small phrases….    Kannadigas, in common with most Indians, do not saying a brusque "No" to one’s face. If invited  to a wedding or any other celebration, we do not feel it is polite »

Volunteer Diary

Mining the earth away

Goa. The name evokes images of beaches, Konkani and Portugese heritage and the good life. And perhaps of drug peddling, sex trafficking and other vices. However, over the last few years, the state has been »

Check outs

A toast for the young

Sandwichwallas, a fast food joint at JP Nagar offers toasted sandwiches prepared in a homemade style, breaking away from the usual grilled sandwiches. It also features on its menu tasty pizzas, extremely delicious garlic bread, »