Dealing with the Blogger’s block

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Is there anything such as ‘Blogger’s Block’? Sure if the writers can get writer’s block, what’s stopping the bloggers from getting one? My feeble attempt at pun aside, we do get it. What gets my goat is that when no idea hits me, there is no dearth for advice. Putting down a few.
Stop working in front of the computer. Go out.
Keep looking, there are loads of topics. You just have to keep your eyes open.
I know; writing is hard. That’s what I have been telling you.
Do something different. Drink a glass of water. Walk around.
Close your eyes and think of a topic.
World over, there are a lot of advices. Here’s a link to a few.


10 tips for beating blogger's block

Especially liked this one

Adios Amigos. While you are reading, excuse me, I have the blogger’s block. So I’ll go and laze around with a writer’s, oops, bloggers frown, which means, I’m thinking hard. Tata.


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